Preachers Corner
March, 2011

After another hard winter, spring is here.  I hope this news letter finds you
well.  “This world is in bad shape” how many times have I heard that
quote in the past few weeks?  This appears to be the quote of the month.  
Recently on visitation one of the first comments made by the lady of the
house was this, “things sure are getting bad, this world can’t stand much
longer.”  Yet with the murmur of the coming of the Lord at hand, many
seem not to want to do any thing about getting ready.  Luke 12:40, “Be ye
therefore ready also:  for the Son of man cometh at an hour when ye think
not.”  Truly with all the events taking place around the world, surely you
must know that something is about to happen.  I was looking at some
statistics and found that this year alone there has been 1516 earthquakes
worldwide, and 348 in the United States alone.  The recent earthquake in
Japan was so strong that it moved the coastline more than 13 feet and
altered the earth’s axis by 6.5 inches.  This caused the days to be
shortened by 1.6 microseconds and sank the island of Japan by 2 feet.  
Read Revelation 6:14 again, “And the heaven departed as a scroll when it
is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their
place.”  I began to read other sights of events around the world.  Do you
remember the dead birds found in Arkansas, in January over 100,000 fish
were found dead in the Arkansas River and 500 miles away in the town of
Beebe there were 5,000 blackbirds found dead.  Other searches found
that all over the world strange things are happening.  100 tons of sardines
and catfish in Brazil, tens of thousands washed ashore in Chesapeake
Bay, Maryland.  6 million along rivers in South America and there are
many more. Then earlier this month, millions of sardines dead in the
California marina.  A simple search on the internet can give you all these
statics. Now with all these occurrences, do you suppose God is trying to
tell the church something?  I spoke to a gentleman in the Charleston
Memorial hospital recently just before his quadruple by-pass surgery,  I
said to him, “I’m not trying to scare you into doing something, I’m simply
saying to you, you need to know where you are going when you leave this
world.”  I think that these are all advertisements for coming attractions.  
If these kinds of things can happen now, it makes us understand that all
the book of Revelation is relevant to this generation.  Can these things
really happen, I think, yes they can.  
Let me say, Jesus is coming.  This is the message for our generation, to
be ready and to make sure that all we love are ready.  With revival
scheduled for May 2nd through 6th it is time we get busy and seek the
Lord for power in the upcoming meeting.  Not only then, but now, now is
the time, today is the day, now is the accepted time.  Listen, I can
remember so many times when company was coming, we would clean
house.  Most of you can relate to this, we want things to be in order when
they come.  Let me say to you dear friends, we need to be cleaning house.  
It is high time to get things in order for the coming of the Lord.  If the
unsaved world can see that things are bad in the world, the church should
already know that.  This my friends is not a time to surrender but a time to
roll up our sleeves and get busy for the Lord.  Mark the calendar for
revival but let us not wait till then but start it now in our own lives.  This is
the time of year for revival, even in nature the surroundings are coming
alive, the grass the trees the flowers.  I pray that we too may come alive
in the resurrection of new life in Christ.  Revive us again, fill each heart
with thy love, may each soul be rekindled with fire from above.  Hallelujah
thine the glory, hallelujah, amen, hallelujah thine the glory, revive us
again.  Amen.  

Your preacher and friend
Preacher Mike
January 2011
Spring Fork Missionary Baptist Church
Pastor's Corner