Hello Brothers and Sisters,
    As always I pray this finds everyone well, happy, and blessed.  God
has been so good. I've received so many blessings, more than I could
possible deserve, as I deserve none. Not a one of us deserve the life
God has given us. Time is going by so fast, here we are in mid-winter, it
seems like only yesterday we were looking for a cool place to get out of
the hot summer sun.  
It's cold weather now but it won't be long until the choir is going to look
forward to practice for our Easter cantata.  As much as I liked the
Christmas season, I think I like the Easter best. The reason for the
Easter season makes us all feel closer to Jesus realizing what He went
through for all of us.  
There is so much to do and such a short time to get it done.  Before i
know it, it will be my turn to look back at my life and I'll be thinking
about the things I should have done for my Jesus.  So my wish and
prayer now is that I thrive more and more to be a better servant for

                                                  Remember,I love You
                                                  The choir loves you
                                                   Best of all God loves you
Spring Fork Missionary Baptist Church
Choir Loft