Singing at Sea

This past Feb. 14th, 10 people from our church went on a Christian
Cruise to the Bahamas.  We boarded the ship around noon and at 4:
00pm on Monday evening we headed towards Freeport.  Tuesday
morning we woke up to a beautiful sight and was soon on our way to the
island.  The temperature was in the high 70’s to low 80’s while we were
there.  Mike and I took a tour of the island and went to the Garden of
the Groves.  Kay Bell, Janet Ritz, Bill and Pam Shinn also went with us
on this excursion.  Someone had told Kay before we left to be sure if
you purchased anything, not to give them their asking price, but to try to
bargain with them.  Kay found a very cute purse for Katelyn and
decided to try out her special talent of bargaining.  You will have to talk
to her about how to do this because I couldn’t explain it as well as she
can tell it!  
Every evening we shared our dinner time together around the table.  
Scott and Vicki Jones, and Rick and Elaine Robinson were also with us.
Rick and Mike tried something at dinner they had never tried before….
escargot …..or snails!!!!  
Our waiters were WONDERFUL and had our names memorized by the
second night.  Imade and Sylvanis were their names…..we done some
memorizing also!
My favorite island we stopped at was Half Moon Cay.  I cannot
describe how beautiful this island was.  It was “PERFECT”.  If you have
ever been here, you know what I am talking about!  I told Mike I
wanted to swim in the Caribbean, so we did!  I got pictures too!
The next day we were in Nassau and we took a “glass-bottom boat
ride”.  It was nice, didn’t see the bright colored fish like I was
expecting, but did see where Elvis use to live and a lot of other stars.  
The next day we were at sea traveling back to Florida.  There was a
talent show on the ship and I signed us up to sing.  Vicki Jones, Bill
Shinn and Penny Long were called on to the stage in front of a HUGE
crowd of people and by this time we are getting a little nervous.  Our mc’
s for the talent show were Geraldine and Ricky and Aaron Wilburn,
which are comediens.  When they called us on stage, they gave us a
stage name…….Long-Shinn-Jones.
Saturday morning we safely docked in Jacksonville and thanked the
Lord for a wonderful week!


By Penny Long

Spring is here!  Along with spring, comes Easter and Easter Drama!
We are working hard trying to get ready for the play.  We will be doing
the Drama on Good Friday night, April 22nd  at 6:00pm and Easter
Sunday night, April 24th  at 6:00pm.
I would appreciate your prayers for all of the actors involved this year.  
We are having to fill some empty places this year with some new faces,
so please pray for them.

We will also be having our annual Easter Egg Hunt on April 17th.  
Parents be sure and mark your calendars for this special day.  It is so
much fun for the little ones and for the parents!

Our youth has been playing volleyball this winter and having a lot of
fun.  Every Monday night, Jerry Hodge has been taking time from his
family to drive the bus so our youth could enjoy some exercise time.  
We want to thank Hailee Long for her volleyball experience, and
applying it to our youth.  We started out with 23 kids playing on the first
night.  A lot of them have never played before and this was a good time
to learn.  We first of all want to have fun and make great memories so
when they are older and teaching BYF, they will remember these special

Vacation Bible School will be coming up soon!  It will start on June 6th –
June 10th.  Mark your calendars so you don’t forget!!!!!
We want to get the word out now so make sure you tell all the children,
grandchildren, nephews, and nieces.
January 2011
Spring Fork Missionary Baptist Church